The Impact

From 1980 to 2017 while the population increased from 56 million to 65 million social housing stock fell from 7 million to 4.5 million. Currently there is a massive dearth of social housing nationwide. The sector has:

An additional 2

million people will

have mental health

issues between 2013

and 2030

13.3 million disabled


580,000 young

adults with unmet

housing needs

320,000 homeless

people in Dec 2019,

with continuous rise

Population increase

from 56 million to

65 million (1980 to


Social housing stock

fell from 7 million to

4.5 million (1980 to


WIne Turbines


All developments receive a complete refit, increasing their energy efficiency in some cases allowing them to meet net-zero criteria. Most assets become completely electric with LED lighting.

Basketball Player on Wheelchair


We create homes for the most vulnerable in our society including those with Learning Disabilities, Autism, Mental Health Issues, Homelessness and victims of domestic violence.

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Our operating partners are well regulated with several being non-profits and minority led organisations supporting, caring for and housing the most deprived members of our society.

Homes not houses

It is our mission to create high quality homes. All homes are fully refitted and adapted allowing individuals with even the highest needs to live and prosper as part of the community instead of in an institutional care alternative.