We work with care providers, support providers and housing providers looking to expand by the addition of new schemes. We fund this expansion acquiring appropriate assets and then adapting them. Having our roots in the care industry with first-hand experience of care and support provision we are aware of the various obstacles faced by providers. Many of these obstacles arise from limited resources. For providers looking for funding and support we offer this. For various providers with good care and support provision we have felt that the only real impediment to their growth has been the lack of liquid capital for real estate acquisition and development, this is our specialty.


For existing housing stock (including supported living and afforfable housing) this can be rented accommodation or accommodation where the freehold is owned by the care/support provider we can acquire the asset and offer it back to the provider on a lease. This allows the provider continued and assured use of the property while releasing any equity locked in the asset. We aim for longevity in all our investments and relationships. Working towards this goal we aim to add combine the most robust schemes. As part of our funding and housing solution we introduce a Housing Association to manage and maintain the housing allowing the provider to focus on care/support provision.


For Care and Support Providers looking to exit we will acquire your business and operations this can be either directly or through one of our partners. We will use our performance metrics along with an understanding of the market to value your business. We aim to offer you a smooth and lucrative exit.